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Goodnight Grammy

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Goodnight Grammy

My mother in law, sadly missed, has gone home to her Lord and to her husband who left before her. Her home for the past 5 years has been with us. She lived in a mom-in-law apartment in our house. Her own little kitchen, living area, shower and what not. Her refrigerator is full, as is her pantry. The sink has dishes drying in the dish drainer. There is water left in the dehumidifier.

The smell of 5 years worth of smoking still fills the air. Believe it or not, as a non-smoker you'd think otherwise, but I am going to miss that smell when it finally goes away. Her television, which sat dark mos of the time will stay put where it is, I won't move it. Her stacks of books will stay where they are. All the family photos will remain on the walls. The silly little talking clock, announcing the time every hour will remain on the shelf and I'll replace the batteries as necessary so as never to miss that poorly computer generated voice telling me it is something O'clock.

The jar of candy on the coffee table will remain. She is the only one who ate those Wuethers candies. Guess they'll grow stale. That's OK with me. I guess I'll just leave Grammy's apartment just the way it is for some time to come as her presence is still there, in every nook and cranny. And I need that. I, need that.

I used to give her gentle hugs and kiss her on the head and say "good-nite grammy". (My kids name for her...) While she lie in her final resting bed, I placed my hand on her head, held her hand and kissed her on the forehead one last time and said again for the last time to her lifeless body, "good-nite grammy". I know somewhere she heard me. I'll keep saying it each time I walk upstairs from her apartment. I can't help it, it's automatic. It's the love I had for her. I say to the empty table in my kitchen every morning I see it, "Anything good today Dzia Dzia?" (Polish slang for grandpa). I acquired that table when grammy moved in with us. The table he sat at every day to greet those who came to see him. So, I still greet him at that table every day I see it and I will greet her with every trip to her downstairs apartment.

It's what we do, to continue the love, to continue the memories, to continue their lives.... in our childrens and so on....

Good night Grammy! Say hello to Dzia-Dzia for us all! I hope you are kicking your heels up in a grand polka with him as I write this.

Good night Grammy.

My love eternal,


In Loving Memory of Inzie Eudora Davidson (Mary Pisarski, married name)
Inzie was born on May 14, 1921 and passed away on Thursday, May 21, 2009.